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Following an extensive period of research, our founder discovered a truth that changed his outlook on life, and this truth may change your perspective too.  He found out that without his knowledge, the State created a fictional 'Strawman' person, or trade name, for him shortly after his birth.  The State and all other corporations use his Strawman as a vessel to engage in commerce.  The Strawman is not a living being it is a person, it is a dead corporation. Evidence of his Strawman identity was found on his birth certificate, driving licence, passport, bank debit/credit cards and any bill he receives.

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The Strawman person can be identified by:  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

He found out that when his Strawman was created, the UK corporation allocated his real living being or Sovereign with an unlimited reserve held by HM Treasury. His Sovereign acts as surety in all matters of commerce for his Strawman. 

He discovered a process that uses his Sovereign reserve to set-off (pay off) any unsecured credit liability charged to his Strawman. The process complies with UK Law and has a 100% track record.  


How does this help you?

Sovereign Reserve launched its service in 2020 to offer the payment process to the market. Via the service, you can access your Sovereign reserve at HM Treasury and use it to pay off all your unsecured credit cards and loans.


What makes Sovereign Reserve special?

We act for you which makes the process very simple.

Pay our fee via a credit card and we will include the credit card liability in the payment process, which means that ultimately our services are free.

 Sovereign Reserve is a division and trading style of  SENJ Ltd. 

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